Further Extension to NSW Swimming Pool Laws

The NSW Government has embarrassingly backed down from the intended deadline for the registration of household swimming pools which was to occur on 29 April 2015. The extension is for a further twelve months meaning the new date for the compliance deadline is 29 April, 2016. This is the second extension that the NSW Government has given to the deadline and to many in the Pool & Spa industry it is becoming a bit of a joke.

However, the extension has come as a relief to real estate agents. There were concerns that a drastic shortage of inspectors would stop people from legally selling or renting their homes and damage the real estate market. Currently, about 90% of swimming pools are non-compliant with the safety standards and with a shortage in pool inspectors across the State, it was going to be nearly impossible for property owners to have their pools inspected and Certificate issued prior to the 2015 deadline.

Despite this further extension to the NSW Swimming Pool Laws, we would encourage all property owners with a pool or a spa who are thinking of selling or renting their house to apply for a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate.

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