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Wills + Estates

Statistics show that almost 50% of Australians do not have a Will which is cause for concern if the worst was to happen. A will is a legal document which sets out how your assets are distributed when you pass away. Every person should have a Will to avoid the unnecessary expenses and disputes that can occur when a person dies intestate (without a Will).

At Johnsons, we provide a complete service for those wanting to draft or amend a Will, or those that simply want advice. Our skilled lawyers will be able to work quickly at an affordable price to draft a Will that is perfectly suited to your circumstances.

Our firm is also very experienced in administering estates, whether it be applying for a grant of probate or letters of administration. We will assist you during this difficult time with care and understanding to ensure that you don’t have any added unnecessary stress. This area of law can be very complicated and at times seem overwhelming for those affected. At Johnsons, our expertise is wide-ranging, including:

At Johnsons, our expertise is wide-ranging, including:

  • Making a will;
  • Estate planning, including power of attorney and enduring guardianship;
  • Probate applications;
  • Letters of administration; and
  • Superannuation and insurance death benefit payouts.

Please note that you do not have to go to the law firm that is holding your Will or that of the deceased when administering estates. Therefore, regardless of whether your Will is or is not held with us, we are more than happy to help.