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Johnsons Law Group, with over a decade of specialised experience, provides robust legal solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of developers navigating Sydney’s real estate development complexities. Our team of dedicated property development lawyers ensures that your projects proceed smoothly, from the initial acquisition to the final sale.


  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations
  • Advice on Zoning and Planning Approvals
  • Risk Management and Dispute Resolution
  • Compliance with Environmental Regulations
  • Strata and Community Title Law
  • Property Finance and Security Structuring

Johnsons Law Group stands apart by offering a proactive approach to legal issues in property development. We integrate advanced legal strategies with a deep understanding of the property market in Sydney, ensuring that our clients not only meet all regulatory requirements but also achieve their business objectives efficiently and effectively. Our comprehensive support system and personalised service guarantee that every client receives optimal outcomes for their development projects.

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Our Tailored Legal Services for Sydney’s Property Developers

At Johnsons Law Group, we provide a broad range of legal services tailored to the unique needs of property developers in Sydney. Our expert team is committed to guiding you through every stage of your property development project with precision and professional insight.

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Contract Drafting and Negotiations

Our lawyers specialise in drafting and negotiating contracts that protect your interests throughout the development process. We ensure that every contract reflects the scope and scale of your project, mitigating risks and securing favourable terms.

Advice on Zoning and Planning Approvals

Navigate Sydney’s zoning laws with confidence as our lawyers provide you with comprehensive advice on planning approvals. We work closely with local authorities to streamline your applications and consequently enhance your project’s feasibility and compliance.

Risk Management and Dispute Resolution

Effective risk management is crucial in property development. Our team proactively addresses potential disputes and offers strategic solutions to resolve conflicts efficiently, minimising impact on your project timelines and budget.

Compliance with Environmental Regulations

We provide expert advice on environmental compliance to help you adhere to stringent regulations while pursuing sustainable development practices. This ensures that your projects not only meet legal standards but also contribute positively to the community.

Strata and Community Title Law

Our lawyers are well-versed in strata and community title law, ensuring your multi-tenure developments are structured properly. From the initial setup to ongoing management, we guide you through the complexities of community living arrangements.

Property Finance and Security Structuring

Secure your investments with our expert advice on property finance and security structuring. We assist with loan agreements, securities and compliance with financial regulations to provide a stable foundation for your development projects.

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How Our Solicitors Help with Property Development Issues

At Johnsons Law Group, our solicitors provide comprehensive legal support that covers the entire scope of property development. We understand that each project brings its unique challenges, and our approach is designed to tailor solutions that address these challenges effectively and proactively. Below, we detail how our team assists clients across various stages of property development:

Strategic Planning and Legal Framework Establishment

Our solicitors assist in the strategic planning phase by establishing a solid legal framework for your development projects. This includes advising on the structure of property acquisition, potential joint ventures and the drafting of initial agreements. By setting a robust legal foundation, we ensure that the project progresses on a secure footing from day one.

Navigating Regulatory Compliance and Approvals

One of the most critical aspects of property development is navigating the maze of regulatory compliance and securing necessary approvals. Our team works closely with local councils and regulatory bodies to ensure that all necessary permissions are obtained efficiently. This proactive approach helps in avoiding delays and extra costs that can arise from non-compliance.

Financing and Security Structuring

Securing adequate financing and structuring security appropriately are crucial elements that determine the success of property development projects. Our solicitors provide expert guidance on negotiating with financial institutions, preparing finance agreements and ensuring that all financial dealings are compliant with legal standards. We also advise on structuring the project to attract investment while protecting your interests.

Risk Management and Dispute Resolution

Risk management is an ongoing requirement throughout the lifecycle of a property development project. Our solicitors anticipate potential risks and implement strategies to mitigate them. In the event of a dispute, we represent our clients robustly and aim for resolutions that protect their interests and project viability, either through negotiation, mediation or, if necessary, litigation.

Project Completion and Post-Completion Support

As the project nears completion, our team provides continued support to ensure all legal aspects are finalised, including compliance with planning conditions, finalising any contractual obligations and preparing for the sale or lease of the property. Post-completion, we can assist with any further legal matters that arise, ensuring a smooth transition to the next phases of your property portfolio management.

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Why Choose Johnsons Law Group for Property Development in Sydney

Choosing the right legal partner is crucial for the success of your property development projects. At Johnsons Law Group, we combine deep industry knowledge with personalised legal strategies to ensure your success.

  • Expert Guidance: In-depth industry knowledge to navigate complex legal landscapes.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored legal strategies that align with your project goals.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Minimising potential legal challenges before they arise.
  • Strong Local Network: Connections with local authorities and service providers.
  • Transparent Communication: Clear and consistent updates throughout your project.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

Advance Your Developments with Johnsons Law Group – Premier Property Development Lawyers in Sydney

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