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We assist both landlord and tenants in all aspects of leasing including:

  • Commercial and industrial leases
  • Retail leases and shopping centre
  • Subleases
  • Assignment of leases
  • Exercise of option
  • Lease disputes and negotiations.

Whether you are looking to lease out your premises, negotiate or finalise a lease, obtain advice about your rights and obligations under an existing lease or looking to terminate a lease our experienced leasing team can help.

As leases are agreements that usually bind you for at least 3-5 years it is essential that their terms are appropriate to your needs. Therefore, if you are looking to lease out your premises or have found a place you would like to lease please contact us.


Are you looking to lease out your premises? Our leasing team can provide you with an expertly prepared lease tailored to your needs that, whilst fair to both parties, ensures that you are protected as the landlord.

Our team can be engaged at the negotiation stage to help you negotiate with the prospective tenant, once you have found a tenant for your property to commence working on your lease or mid-lease to provide you with advice or assist you with a dispute. Whenever you engage our services, you can be confident that you will be receiving accurate, reliable and expert advice and your matter will be handled the right way.


Have you found a location to run your business? Is your lease up and you want assistance with negotiating a new lease? Whatever your needs, our leasing team will provide you with the proper advice so that you understand your rights and obligations and ensure that the lease you are entering does not contain any unfair terms and conditions.

The law surrounding leases is complex and in situations where there is often a difference in bargaining power (in favour of the landlord) it is crucial for anyone looking to become a tenant that you have the right representation. When you choose Johnsons Law Group to be your lawyers, you can be confident that you have just that.