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Consent Orders

Consent Orders can be made regarding property, maintenance and children matters all together or any of them separately, which makes it the best method to finalise any post-separation agreement (apart from child support).

Consent Orders can be filed at any time during court proceedings or as an application of its own where no court action has begun. When they are filed with the court, they will be reviewed by either a judge or a registrar of the court (depending on when the orders are filed) to make sure that they comply with the requirements of the Family Law Act, they are fair and reasonable (in relation to property matters) and in the best interests of the child (in parenting matters).

Once the draft Consent Orders have been reviewed the Court, it will issue final Consent Orders. Once these are issued, you have an order of the Court which is binding on you and your former spouse that can be enforced if either party fails to comply with the terms of the Orders.